Manuel Ramos Rejano tilework

Manuel Ramos Rejano Andalusian Dry Cord tails

Manuel Ramos Rejano was born in Palma del Río (Córdoba) Spain on October 19, 1851. Having perfected a ceramic enamelling process, he founded his ceramics factory in the district of Triana in Sevilla. The Cuerda seca (Spanish for “dry cord”) tile uses a technique when applying coloured glazes to ceramic surfaces. The history of the Cuerda seca tile technique is rich and dates back to the second half of the tenth century. Motifs of cuerda seca ceramics of Spain bear witness to the integration of techniques from the Islamic world marked by both the Islamic ornamental tradition and Spains cultural reference points. See these beautiful tiles made by M Ramos Rejano @spacewhaleco #azulejos #cuerdaseca #tiles#tiledesign #seville #triana #tilestyle #frigiliana #andalucia #alandalus#spain