Alluring Incense Bakhoor Mumaiz


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This Alluring Incense Bakhoor Mumaiz with spicy and rose top notes, composed of saffron and ginger and of woody, vanilla and amber base (patchouli, tobacco, oud). Discover this unique woody fragrance presented in a beautiful bottle with an original design that will elegantly blend into your interior.

The El Nabil Bakhoor is composed of natural oud wood chips and soaked up with Perfume. It exudes a delicate fragrance that lastingly spreads throughout all the rooms of your home.

El Nabil was created to provide the best of French and Oriental fragrances. With the help of the greatest talents of perfumery in France, El Nabil created for you perfumes of incomparable quality.

El Nabil represents the meeting between the best of Eastern and Western cultures.