Eyelash Sequinned Embroidered Patch


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Small eyelash sequinned embroidered patch (11x6cm). Embroidered and Sequinned Eye patch the perfect to upcycle your T-shirts, Hoodies, tote bags, Jeans pocket, Backpacks or more.  The all-seeing Blue and Gold Sew On Patch!

Buy our uber-cool urban-inspired fashion patches! street style stars, models, and bloggers—have been customising their own jean jackets or faded skinnies with a variety of cool, colourful patches! There is an element of nostalgia associated with it – like for Aviator jackets, 1960´s hippie denim…

Apply on your own clothes, jackets, jeans, cap, backpack, T-shirts or wherever you want a little sparkle. For those not handy with a needle and thread some of our patches are iron-on though not this one, stiched only!