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Inca Aromas – fair trade, all-natural artisan incense made from the resin of the Breu Branco tree found in the Amazon Rainforest, using the Indigenous Brazilian cultural recipe. Sold individually with a 2-hour burning time.

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    Brand: Inca Aromas. Brazil.

    Product characteristics: Craft incenses composed of natural, organic and toxic-free raw materials. The approximate burning time is 120 minutes per rod.

    Composition: Charcoal, vegetal compound of Inca resins, breu blanco, coarse salt and resins.

    White Breu resin of the called “Breuzinho” is extracted from the bark of the Protium spp. trees, mainly from the Almecegueirao Almescla (Protium Heptaphyllum), belonging to the Burseceas family, native to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

    This tree, which can reach a height of 30 meters, grows in areas of dry land, in sandy soils and abundant in organic matter. of the Amazon region. Used by indigenous cultures in ceremonies, rituals of healing and purification, the breuzinho or white breu, White Beu, Kurokai, Copal (Protium spp) has scientifically proven medicinal and therapeutic properties. The distribution range of this species includes Central and South America.

    Indigenous people of Tupi-Guaraní origin name this species by referring to the resin – icicaçu (large resin) – or referring to the thickness of the trunk – guapuycy (mother of fine trunk). Its flowers are scented and cream-colored, its fruits are very aromatic, colors that vary between greenish, yellow and dark red, with a soft and refreshing taste well known to the population of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.

    All species of Protium Heptaphyllum expel an oily resin that hardens naturally in contact with the air by incision of the trunk. When a wound is damaged or generated, the tree expels the resin naturally as a protective mechanism against fungal and bacterial infections by integrating into its immune system.

    To remove the resin from the tree trunk, it is usually cut with a machete under the base of the bark until completely removed. When it is not extracted, the tree continues to produce the resin until it matures, solidifies and falls to the ground naturally.

    Other Common names:

    Breu (Brazil); Breu-Branco-Do-Campo (Brazil); Borracheira (Brazil); Amescla (Brazil); Almécega (Brazil); Aguano (Brazil); Almecegueira (Brazil); Anime Blanco; Kurocai; Ganga Pisie; Fosforito; Fontal; Breu Branco (Brazil); Currucai; Cariano; Copal; Carano.

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    Dimensions10 × 5 × 16 cm

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Inca Aromas Artisan Incense
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