Unique Artisan Botanical Candle Wild Frangipani

Medium Artisan Botanical Candle Wild Frangipani by Melange

After almost 18 months of research in the fascinating world of vegetable waxes and countless tests with the best fragrances and essential oils we are very proud to present our Artisan Botanical Candle Wild Frangipani by Melange, our first creation under the exclusive botanical and artisan perfumery brand “Melange” Part of a series of 3 candles in limited editions starting with a collection of summer floral blends.

Part of our floral series this magical bouquet recreates the aroma of one of the most beautiful flowering trees in the tropics, Plumeria or Frangipani. The blend features an exclusive Indonesian Frangipani essential oil component with its lovely summery scent. Let this magical combination of floral notes transport you to the exceptional natural beauty of the tropics.

Blended using exclusively the best oils in the world to achieve a discreet exotic aroma with Mediterranean top notes of conifers and citrus, followed by a double floral middle note of Frangipani and Champaka essential oils from the warm and humid latitudes of Bali and finished by the Notes long-lasting English rose and Andalusian jasmine.

The candle is available in 2 different sizes: This medium size with a total weight of 470 grams and a burn of about 35 hours and a larger size with a total weight of 685 grams and about 50 hours of combustion.

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Medium Artisan Botanical Candle Wild Frangipani by Melange

The candle comes in an amber glass container in a high-quality finish with a heavy and sturdy base for safe use. Our glass is moulded and not hand blown. Moulding allows for a thicker, safer glass wall. They also include an airtight wooden top with natural oak and coconut wood finishes.

Each candle includes a hand-numbered, recycled cardboard packaging box with our original Plumeria design from Mark Catesby’s 1754 “The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands”.

These artisan botanical candles are made and poured by hand in small batches by Melange in Malaga, Spain, using only the best sustainable vegan vegetable waxes without any trace of hydrocarbons or mineral waxes, such as soy and coconut, which do not emit any type of fumes.
All of our wicks are made from pre-waxed organic cotton with no traces of lead.

Brand: Melange.  Ingredients: Michelia champaka oil, Plumeria alba oil, Vegetable Soy and Coconut Wax (90%) Wild Frangipani Fragrance Oil (10%)Materials: Vegetable waxes, fragrance, glass jar, lead-free cotton wick.

Burn time Medium Candle:35 hours. Dimensions Medium Candle: 75mm diameter x 87mm high (69mm internal diameter & 15mm base). Glass Weight Medium Candle: 296 grams. Wax Quantity Medium Candle: 175 grams.Weight total Medium Candle: 470 grams.

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Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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Wild Frangipani by Melange
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