SpaceWhale & Company Melville Woven Organic Tote Bag


Organic SpaceWhale and Company Woven Tote Bag featuring our original designs inspired by Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick and one of his most celebrated quotes and the ethos behind our brand:

“It is better to fail at originality than to succeed in imitation”

This 100% organic cotton darling stays true to the tagline of the fabric of our lives. An eco-friendly take on the timeless tote bag. It’s a win-win for everyone. Made with 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester canvas, these woven tote bags are suitable for the earth and perfect for eco-conscious consumers. The long handles with reinforced cross-stitch add excellent durability while the shaping seam at the bottom creates volume – a great feature for filling up the bag without disfiguring it.