Najel Aleppo Soap (30% Bay Laurel Oil)


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The quantity of olive oil and bayberries of this Artisan soap is designed for very sensitive or acne skin.

Using it several times a week, this soap will cleanse and hydrate your skin. Aleppo soap is highly valued among dermatologists because they consider it an oiled soap, recognized for its effectiveness against skin problems and is also a totally natural product.

These soaps are still cut and dried by hand and in a completely traditional way. Before the curing process, each piece of soap weighs about 350g, losing up to 30% of its original weight after a 9-month drying phase. Since these products are totally natural, their weight can be reduced by up to an extra 10%.

Aleppo soaps cure even longer than normal, something that does not affect their quality, it is more: the more the soap dries, the higher its quality. This is due to a higher concentration and proportion of oil.