Unique Ceramic Persian Queen’s Head


Unique decorative ceramic Persian empire queen’s head vase by renowned Iranian artist Faezeh Hashem for Binaam Studio and Zeeen. The head is a beautiful hand-painted and hand-glazed three-dimensional ceramic with a flat reverse side for ease of hanging. The bust and heads are hollow so you could use them as vases for dry flowers or other decorative elements. This series of Persian kings and queens sold out immediately and we are incredibly happy to be able to offer the last pieces of this wonderful collection in Europe. Buy one, the pair of king and queen or complete the collection with the 3 different busts with the larger queen bust.

In each of these historical and legendary characters of the Persian Empire, Eastern beauty and originality can be seen. These characters are among the most attractive in the history and literature of the Persian Empire and are very tastefully created to build and create an Eastern wall in your home or office. The sought-after brand Zeeen Basikheh from Iran is trying to add your house, by designing and producing different artistic goods and handicrafts from renowned local artists in Iran.

Give colour and beauty to your life!