Vintage Educational Canvas Wall Charts: Apple Tree by Jung, Koch, & Quentell.

These wall charts became a common fixture in science classes all over Europe for more than a century. The dramatic interpretation of natural cycles and the anatomy of animal and plants were masterfully represented on high-quality paintings over black backgrounds that were lithographically printed onto the roll-up canvases from the original carved stone master.

Originally produced as educational tools for schools and colleges by teacher Heinrich Jung, artist and biologist Gottlieb von Koch and college director, Doctor Friedrich Quentell.

In this particular Vintage Educational Canvas Wall Chart the overall picture and important details of the plant, as well as the stages of flowering and fruit development, are shown on the iconic dark background.

Vintage Educational Canvas Wall Charts are particularly elegant with sturdy wooden rods. They are incredibly sought-after by collectors and interior designers alike.

Dimensions: Canvas 60 x 80cm, rod length 70cm.

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Vintage Educational Canvas Wall Chart: Apple Tree

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Artists: Jung, Koch & Quentell. Brand: Frommann & Morian, Hagemann. Dimensions: Canvas 60 x 80cm, rod length 70cm. Materials: Lithographically printed canvas, wood. Origin: Dusseldorf, Germany. Period: Early-Mid XX Century. Weight: 500grs.

About this Wall Chart:

The following is the original text that was included with the Educational Canvas Wall Charts as a reference for the teachers. This is a translation from the original in German.

Apple Tree: Pirus ma/us ssp. Domestica Twig with foliage leaves and blossom; Leaf buds and foliage: a) bud with foliage leaves opening, b) individual leaf with veins, stalk, arid small leaves; Individual blossom: a, b, c) blossom buds in various stages of opening, d) individual blossom (greatly magnified); Longitudinal section through a blossom; Floral diagram; Fruit and seed: a) horizontal section through apple showing receptacle and gynoecium, b) vertical section with part consumed by grub; Grub, an example of the pests: a) emerged grub letting itself down to the ground by a thread, b) moth (imago).

About the Collection:

Jung, Koch, & Quentell’s Vintage Educational Canvas Wall Charts were first published by Frommann and Morian in the early 1900’s Hagemann became involved in the production around 1928 first in conjunction with Frommann and Morian then on their own from around 1963. Before the digital age, millions of kids would have learnt multiple natural sciences lessons using these now mythical Vintage Educational Canvas Wall Chart as reference.

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