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On the dawn of the first day of the sixth month, amidst the warm air and the rays of the springtime sun, the 2023 season commences its noble voyage.

As the frosty grip of winter releases its hold on the seas, we, the intrepid sailors of SpaceWhale & Company, emerge from our hibernation. Like the great leviathans breaching the surface, we announce the reopening of our wondrous establishment on the auspicious day of 01/06/2023!

With a symphony of crackling bats and the thunderous applause of the multitude, the diamond stirs to life, awakening from its slumber to embrace the ardour and fervour of the eager friends.

Visit our Cabinet of curiosities where you can find Fine Art Photography, Original Artworks, Vintage Illustrations, Selected Books, Artisan Perfumery, Botanical Candles, Aromas, Essential Oils, Decor Pieces, Collectable Insects and bugs, delightful stationery and other beautiful objects to make life more agreeable.

SpaceWhale ® & Company’s flagship store is located in the beautiful picturesque township of Frigiliana in Andalucia. Frigiliana one of the most beautiful Pueblos Blancos of Andalucia is nestled into the natural park area of The Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama a stunning,  protected area bordering the Spanish provinces of Málaga and Granada.

Frigiliana is known for its Moorish old quarter and narrow streets decorated with flowers and ceramic mosaics bringing another rich cultural facet to the selected items you will find at SpaceWhale, yet differing in style from traditional stores.

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