Wanderlust has gripped the Spacewhale!

Winter is coming and it´s time we left the print studio to head back out into the world to take more photos. 

With Spacewhale now open for its first season in Frigiliana – we can say that it has been an amazing experience and we are so thankful to the community and visitors for your support! 

But now its time for us to pack our bags and spend time travelling and shooting more imagery ready for Spacewhale to re-open its doors in March 2020!

With Nature Photography you can never be sure how things will turn out! However we are super positive and looking forward to the opportunity to find some great shots along the way!

As we won’t be able to fulfil orders our webstore will additionally be closed until March 2020 when we return to the studio. 

We hope with some more beautiful nature prints for Spacewhale walls! 

As always we are super excited to have the opportunity to make some more International contacts and some great finds to fill the shelves at Spacewhale in 2020! 

Always on the hunt for beautiful things that are different, unique, and artisan!

This weekend 26th and 27th October will be our last call for online orders if you have been waiting to grab a beautiful Spacewhale print! 

Whilst we are travelling we will still aim to publish our newsletter and update our social media If you have not done so yet subscribe to our Newsletter below and we will keep you up to date of our travels!​

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